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New York

You can’t get too far in NYC without getting some good beers.

Blind Tiger

Visited January 2017.

This was my second visit to Blind Tiger, and with good reason. It’s awesome. A humble pub exterior hides a massive range of draught and bottled beers. Last time we went on a Wednesday afternoon and were almost alone except for one or two people. This time, on a Saturday afternoon, it was packed. That didn’t take away from the vibe though. We were greeted and asked if we were eating, and needed a table. After replying ‘no’ we received a ‘Just here to get fucked up then? That’s cool.’. Good music, good food and a big range of beers. Well worth a look.


Visited January 2017.

Not really a craft beer joint, but you will get some good ones there. This is a local bar for some friends in New York. A short walk from Blind Tiger, Emmett’s is a Chicago style deep dish pizza place. An odd offering in New York, but fun nonetheless. They have a couple of craft beers on tap and then a good selection of bottles. I enjoyed a Fonders Porter there for the first time. Add to that some lively bar banter (they are obsessed with Patrick Swayze) and you’ve got an enjoyable time ahead.

Other Half

Visited January 2017.

Accross the bridge in Brooklyn is Other Half  Brewery. I first got to try their beers in Spain when a couple of guys from the brewery were there. I really liked them and so wanted to check the brewery out when I was in town. It’s a small brewery and tap room in a bit of an industrial area. They brew many IPAs each showcasing the hops they use. A cool Brooklyn hangout. We were there as the doors opened at 5 pm on a Thursday. It was lucky we were, because the place was packed a half hour later.

Milk and Hops

Visited January 2017.

Combining two of my favourite things, Milk and Hops is what you get if a craft beer bar and a deli had a love child. As well as having 12 draught beers of varying styles, they have a row of fridges filled with bottles and cans that you can drink at the bar or take away. Then there’s the deli boards: meats, cheeses and pickles to go with your beers. What more could you ask for?

The Jeffrey

Visited January 2017.

I wouldn’t have found this bar if I hadn’t been looking for it, but I’m glad I did. At least I think I was, we had a lot of beers and for some reason when we payed our bill the bartender gave us shot. The beer menu is big (it comes as a booklet) and like a lot of NYC bars showcases local beers. Staff are happy to talk you through the beers and give you a taste. Other than that it’s a small bar with good music. Not much else you need.



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February 6, 2017

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