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I had such high hopes that I would be sharing a post about my delicious travel homebrew ginger beer, with step by step photos of the process and pride in my MacGyver-esque homebrew abilities. Unfortunately, it was not to be. It turned out to be a bit of a failure. Here’s what went down.


I eagerly went to the local supermarket and bought ginger tea, honey, mason jars and a bottle of Coopers sparkling ale (with yeast sediment in the bottom). While I did have concerns about propagating yeast from the bottle (homebrew forums debate whether it is pasteurised or not) I charged on after watching a few videos that swore it could be done. I sterilized a small mason jar and made a sugar solution with boiling water. I set that aside to cool, cracked the sparkling ale and enjoyed. I added the remaining yeast sediment the room temperature sugar solution and placed the jar in a spot with pretty even temperature. I eagerly checked for activity every day for a week and a half. This is as far as the story goes. I never got any growth. I guess the sparkling ale’s trip to the north of Thailand, probably by boat and road in high temperatures, was too much to maintain yeast viability. If anyone has ideas as to what I could have done better, I am all ears.


So what’s next for the travel homebrew? I still want to give it a go so I will have to resort to bread yeast I guess. The down side of travel is that I am on the move for the next month so it will be a while before I am settled in one spot long enough to try it out. So I will be packing the jars in my bag and hoping they don’t break and fill my backpack with glass. I’ll keep you posted.

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