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As I’ve mentioned in the past my wife and I are currently globe-trotting. So in the midst of travel, I’m trying to make myself more knowledgeable. Chiefly in the field of beer.

As a food technologist with an additional brewing qualification, I understand the science behind brewing. Being a home brewer who’s slowly expanded his equipment from extract kit to a three vessel all grain system (I hope it is ok in storage), I’ve gained some understanding about the craft of brewing.

But as I gain knowledge, I’ve come to realise that there’s still so much to learn.

So this is my Quest: To learn.

I’ll do this in a few ways:

  1. Drink Beer

Obviously. I’m going to try beers. I want to try and broaden my horizons by, not only trying beer from different places, but giving new styles a go.


  1. Reading

Every day I’m reading online about anything and everything beer related.


  1. Going to Breweries

I don’t just mean going on a tour of whatever big brewery is in the city I am in. I’ll get to as many small breweries as I can and try what they have. I’m even going to attempt to convince some of them let me in and brew with them (contact me please if you are a brewer and will let me do this).

Will it work? Probably not. I am convinced that it will reveal how much more I have to learn. But it should be fun.

I’ll be using #GlobalBeerQuest and #BeerNomad on the socials to help keep track. You can also follow each and every beer check in on Untappd. My username is Maltyplayer

It would be awesome to hear from other beer nomads too, and of course any brewery that will let me through the door.

Wish me luck!

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